Hello, 2018

Hahaha. Never thought it’s gonna a year until I write something again to this wonderful blog.


The thing is, for daily rants, I have Twitter for my fix.

Maybe for real, 2018, I will update this blog with 2017 travels.

Till my next post, or perhaps not in another year, keep travelling, keep wandering.

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Hello, 2017

Hahaha. It’s been 6 freaking-months since the last update; as expected.

Hit me up at http://instagram.com/amirizzuan or http://twitter.com/amirizzuan for updates.

I think I should start writing. Perhaps. Or not.

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6 month of no updates


Been repeating this kind of post lately. Not that I don’t care about this blog, but most of the time I am online on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I should find a way to post my tweets and IGs as a blog post.




And yeah, I am using this web host as a server to keep stuffs. Hey, it’s mine, I’m paying for the yearly bill ffs.



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