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We are a bunch of close awesome friends who loves and addicted to adventures so much. We lives our days by counting the moments our adrenaline pumps the utmost. The beginning or history of the word “Jeng” might have multiple versions to whom you ask the question with (that’s gonna be a totally new chapter/page just for that), but in essence, that word really binds us like blood families, even though most of us are from totally different background, so to speak.

I (Amir) made this blog and website to “secure” the word “Jeng” itself before some other “parties” hijacked it and brand it their own. (Oh hell no!) I believe it’s a powerful brand; in some ways; it does made us well known even though we are nobody. I still remembered that celebs-like moment when we hiked Mountain Bujang Melaka, and then I heard, “Oh, so these guys are the ‘Jeng’ gang”. Back then, we only used that “Jeng” word just among ourselves in Facebook, but somehow the word spread.

Since we’ve traveled and adventured a lot compared to many average Malaysian (plus maybe because one of us is a full-time Professional Mountaineer), I hope this blog would inspired more adrenaline-fueled-adventure-travelers to explore this vast Earth in many ways most people thought wouldn’t be possible. We would try our very best to share in detail each of our so-called adventurous excursion, old and new, especially on the budgeting part.

P/S: Instagram is to be blamed for the featured image’s crappy quality. I will update it to something else if I could get my hand of a better version. Plus, Iqbal is missing from the photo.

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