It’s already November 2023

Funny that this has become a yearly, or at least twice a year thing now. Back then when blogging was a thing, I thought this idea would fly. Nowadays, you do not need to have a blog with your own domain. A free Instagram account would be enough and you can earn millions if you have the look — only if you have the six-packs or slender tummy with big boobs.

I am writing this from my brand new MacBook Pro. Finally. I got the MacBook Pro M2 2022 but with only 8GB RAM. They said it is good enough and it is the same as having Windows/Linux computer with 16GB RAM. So far so good, I must say. It is really worth all the money I paid. Having Adobe Premiere Pro to run and edit my diving videos with it works like magic. The command line terminal on ZSH is a bit weird, but since they said it is a superior version of BASH, well, so far so good too. I might change to BASH soon, maybe.

See my Instagram @amirizzuan for cool stuffs. I just dived in Raja Ampat (4-11 Nov) and Komodo (18-25 Nov). I might do a proper blog post for that with proper Youtube video.

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It’s 2023

As I expected, this blog would not be updated. On daily basis my Gmail would be getting the daily error report from WordPress about a plugin error. I have tried my best to ignore it, but the software engineer in me just get annoyed and tried to Google my way to some solution.

But instead, I decided to have a post, just to update something into the blog.

People has stopped blogging religiously, perhaps when Twitter is around and people got the idea of creating Twitter thread. Later on, Elon Musk decided to let people write their heart out and this thread is no longer a Twitter thing. Weird enough, Mark Zuckerberg come up with their own Twitter, called Threads, that comes with the limited characters you can post just like the old Twitter.

I myself always on Instagram these days. I have abandon Zuckerberg’s Threads but I still keep Twitter around.

My account ( is still around, and somehow my posts about Linux still got some hits on monthly basis.

The new WordPress post editor feels awfully a lot like Confluence page but lighter and leaner. Perhaps there’s a WordPress plugin that would made WordPress works like Confluence — that would be awesome.

I will keep,, and this domain (plus the web host) alive. Years ago, I closed because I don’t have enough money; somehow now I regret that decision. If you somehow read this from some Google search, please DO tell me so.

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Hello, 2021

As expected this would be a yearly thing to update. The invent of Instagram and the always-fresh Facebook made this blog seems to be the last place for me to update anything. All short-burst of ideas are now in Twitter, or in Instagram Story if I feel artsy.

To-date, today is day 403 of the Movement Control Order (MCO). KL/Selangor has been into Recovery MCO, full MCO, and now Conditional MCO. The Recovery MCO surely was bitter sweet — you can travel, for that short few months, and later then the numbers started to climb rapidly especially after the Sabah state-level election back in September 2020. No more travel without special permission after that, until now.

Will things get better? Obviously people are praying hard for this to happen. While many are skeptical and believe there’s a conspiracy in the background so that the current PM still in power, majority hopes that at least we can travel even how hard the protocols gonna be.

That’s all for now. Gonna try to play around with the image handler by uploading this mosque icon. Ciao.

A mosque icon.

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Hello, 2018

Hahaha. Never thought it’s gonna a year until I write something again to this wonderful blog.


The thing is, for daily rants, I have Twitter for my fix.

Maybe for real, 2018, I will update this blog with 2017 travels.

Till my next post, or perhaps not in another year, keep travelling, keep wandering.

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Hello, 2017

Hahaha. It’s been 6 freaking-months since the last update; as expected.

Hit me up at or for updates.

I think I should start writing. Perhaps. Or not.

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