Hello, 2021

As expected this would be a yearly thing to update. The invent of Instagram and the always-fresh Facebook made this blog seems to be the last place for me to update anything. All short-burst of ideas are now in Twitter, or in Instagram Story if I feel artsy.

To-date, today is day 403 of the Movement Control Order (MCO). KL/Selangor has been into Recovery MCO, full MCO, and now Conditional MCO. The Recovery MCO surely was bitter sweet — you can travel, for that short few months, and later then the numbers started to climb rapidly especially after the Sabah state-level election back in September 2020. No more travel without special permission after that, until now.

Will things get better? Obviously people are praying hard for this to happen. While many are skeptical and believe there’s a conspiracy in the background so that the current PM still in power, majority hopes that at least we can travel even how hard the protocols gonna be.

That’s all for now. Gonna try to play around with the image handler by uploading this mosque icon. Ciao.

A mosque icon.

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Hello, 2018

Hahaha. Never thought it’s gonna a year until I write something again to this wonderful blog.


The thing is, for daily rants, I have Twitter for my fix.

Maybe for real, 2018, I will update this blog with 2017 travels.

Till my next post, or perhaps not in another year, keep travelling, keep wandering.

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Hello, 2017

Hahaha. It’s been 6 freaking-months since the last update; as expected.

Hit me up at http://instagram.com/amirizzuan or http://twitter.com/amirizzuan for updates.

I think I should start writing. Perhaps. Or not.

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6 month of no updates


Been repeating this kind of post lately. Not that I don’t care about this blog, but most of the time I am online on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I should find a way to post my tweets and IGs as a blog post.




And yeah, I am using this web host as a server to keep stuffs. Hey, it’s mine, I’m paying for the yearly bill ffs.



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