More updates to the blog

I have customized the admin page for some better “Jeng” branding. Plus, I have added some cool fonts to the blog UI. WordPress is surely an awesome website and blog system. Personally, I am doing this just to impress non-other than myself, and to make sure I still have my PHP, web and graphic design skills; and I am getting the hang and high of Inkscape.

Featured image credits to

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This should be good

I have fixed the logo to the blog. Added some categories too. Oh. I haven’t yet put up new pages like I planned earlier. Need to always get some cool 750×410 pixel image so that each post will look awesome, even though the content is borderline rubbish.

Oh, did I mentioned that all these was made using all open-source software? I used my favorite Linux Mint (of course) and all images edited/created using GIMP and Inkscape.

Yeah, that image I put up, that’s me feeling a bit hipster-ish. Haha.

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The third post, perhaps

Perhaps today I could get the logo up. Perhaps I can put up a few more pages too; and have some categories here too.

There are times when I have all the idea in the world to make this happen in a day or two, but sometimes I just got distracted when suddenly I got sidetracked. Focus issue? Frankly, maybe it’s my adrenaline has become mundane with my mundane routine.

Patient is virtue; fasting month is about building that up back.

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The second post

Fixed the ‘Disclaimer’. Created the ‘About’ page. Still figuring out to tinker around the theme without hacking the CSS and PHP codes, in which, I am so used to it.

I still need to redo the logo, though. The last logo seems so-so, plus, I’ve forgotten which font that I used previously. I will try to take a look at this project, maybe at least an hour daily.

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