HackerTyper is cool. I’ve written one too in Java.

I was so inspired (so to speak) with HackerTyper. This website will make you feel like a hacker even though what you know is only to hit the keys on the keyboard. If you go there later on, just try to type anything from your keyboard, and then see some gibberish codes come up to your browser screen. If you hit the “backspace” key while you’re doing your hacker-like typing, you’ll be deleting the codes. If you hit the “alt” key 2 times, then the screen will show “ACCESS GRANTED” exactly like what you see in the movies. By this time and this sentence, you can probably guess what you can do with this website.

I was Googling around the other night, looking for a real console-based of HackerTyper. Nope. None. No one invested their precious time to write one for a real console. So, then I decided maybe I can code one. It shouldn’t be that hard, and plus, I can play around with Java since it’s been a while I’ve not code something fancy. So, here goes, my version of HackerTyper. For this version, you can’t yet type and have the code appears on your console, the code will runs on it own on your console. You have to have the latest Java 8 JRE.

I will later make proper versioning and properly follow the real HackerTyper website with all the keystroke magics.

Download the packaged JAR file, here.


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